Currently available Certified roles

Certification is available for a select number of emergency management roles which carry the highest levels of impact and consequence.

For this reason, not all roles have a certified level. Our aim is to make certification available for incident management team roles that involve the highest levels of risk and consequence, as well as for certain other roles that carry similar levels of risk.

Each Certified role has a statement of Requirements, dealing with the levels of training and experience that must be demonstrated by applicants, and a statement of Capabilities, setting out those personal capabilities which candidates must demonstrate through their portfolio of evidence and in interview.

Roles currently available for application:

Certified Incident Controller - Requirements
Certified Incident Controller - Capabilities

Certified Planning Officer - Requirements
Certified Planning Officer - Capabilities

Certified Public Information Officer - Requirements
Certified Public Information Officer - Capabilities

Certified Operations Officer - Requirements
Certified Operations Officer - Capabilities

Certified Logistics Officer - Requirements
Certified Logistics Officer - Capabilities