All applications for certification must be supported by the applicant's organisation.

If you are considering making an application, you should check with your organisation whether it will support you. Applicants for certification are responsible for compiling their own portfolio of supporting evidence (or obtaining permission to use a portfolio that has previously been used for an internal credentialling process) but will need the written endorsement of their organisation to proceed with the certification process.


Certified practitioners need to assemble a portfolio of evidence demonstrating that they meet the relevant professional standard. This will include evidence of qualifications and experience, with particular reference to the capabilities that relate to the certified role in question. References from other senior practitioners are also required to confirm the applicant's suitability to be registered.

An application form has been produced to guide the process. You can download a sample copy of the application form here . If after reviewing this document and other relevant information on this site you are interested in submitting an application, please contact us at for more information about the process and an editable version of the form. Please do not submit an application for certification until you have made contact with us.

Once you have submitted your application form it will be reviewed to ensure it contains all information required. If you have not already done so, you will need to create a login for the EMPS website. Once we have confirmed that your form is complete, your application will be referred to the EMPS Panel and an interview arranged. If you are not from an AFAC member agency, you will need to pay a non-refundable application fee.

Applicants for certified status will be interviewed by a panel made up of existing certified practitioners, at least one of whom will be a member of the EMPS Panel. The interview will seek to test the applicant's capabilities, as described in their portfolio of evidence, against the professional standard applicable to the role.

Certification is not automatic and candidates who do not, in the interview panel's opinion, yet meet the necessary criteria will be advised of how they can build on their current experience to renew their application successfully in the future.

Other requirements

Applicants for certification agree to:

  • Complete continuing Professional Development every year and provide a statement of completion to EMPS
  • Pay a fee if you are not from an AFAC member agency (see Fees page on this website)
  • Comply with the EMPS code of Ethics.