About EMPS

We currently provide two publications with information about EMPS; a booklet setting out the details of the Scheme, and a two-page document giving a high-level overview.


Core Incident Management Team Capabilities

As part of EMPS development, AFAC contracted Dr Christine Owen, Dr Peter Hayes, Dr Ben Brooks, Cameron Scott and Geoff Conway to review the initial capabilities for the Incident Controller prepared at the Scheme’s inception. They were also tasked to undertake an assessment – based on research evidence – of the capabilities required to perform IMT functional roles. For the purposes of this work, a ‘capability’ refers to the cluster of behaviours expected from personnel to succeed in achieving their objectives. Their report can be downloaded below.

From the evidence outlined in that report, the EMPS Standard 'Core Incident Management Team Capabilities' was created. The capabilities required by candidates for certification under EMPS are based on that document. While the focus at registered level is more directed towards training and experience, registered IMT members will find those core capabilities relevant to their practice as well.

Core Incident Management Team Capabilities
Supporting Evidence for the EMPS Core Incident Management Team Capabilities