Professional standards

On this page you can find links to all of the professional standards that have been adopted for EMPS.

Professional Standards are endorsed by the EMPS Panel and approved by the AFAC Council. Professional Standards for individual roles represent a national consensus on the standards required to demonstrate proficiency (for registered roles) or expertise (for certified roles). Other standards describe aspects of professional practice such as Continuing Professional Development.

Professional Practice Standards

Continuing Professional Development  

Professional Standards - Certified roles

Certified Incident Controller - Requirements
Certified Incident Controller - Capabilities

Certified Planning Officer - Requirements
Certified Planning Officer - Capabilities

Certified Public Information Officer - Requirements
Certified Public Information Officer - Capabilities

Certified Operations Officer - Requirements
Certified Operations Officer - Capabilities

Certified Logistics Officer - Requirements
Certified Logistics Officer - Capabilities

Certified Burn Controller - Requirements
Certified Burn Controller - Capabilities

Certified Fire Behaviour Analyst - Requirements
Certified Fire Behaviour Analyst - Capabilities

Certified Fire Investigator - Requirements
Certified Fire Investigator - Capabilities

Professional Standards - Registered roles

Registered Level 2 Incident Controller
Registered Planning Officer
Registered Intelligence Officer  
Registered Public Information Officer
Registered Level 2 Operations Officer  
Registered Logistics Officer
Registered Finance Officer

Registered Complex Burn Planner
Registered Complex Burn Operations Officer

Registered Divisional Commander
Registered Fire Investigator
Registered Fire Behaviour Analyst

Registered Arduous Bushfire Firefighter